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Smart Card Marketing Solutions Essay

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❶Being responsible with your credit card usage can be helpful for your credit rating, but it is also very easy to run a large balance by spending too much, and when you add the interest fees, and late payment fees if applicable, the debt becomes so large it will be hard to keep up with your payments and it is very possible that you will go into higher debt.

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Smart Card Marketing Solutions is a company established in that provides prepaid card services to customers seeking an alternative to credit cards and as a form of electronic records for merchants in regards to recording a customer buying behavior.

Each of the services, in addition to the audience, back ground on the market, strengths and weaknesses of the company, and marketing strategies. This is offered to merchants and retailed and personal account information.

The platform itself is a real-time internet based application that monitors the transaction in real-time and allow for merchants to access the information. The competition could be any company or retailer that offers gift cards.

This service is offered by many retailers already. This service is already in the market and for some time now. The service includes two card types: Pin Debit Card, which is used by customers as one would a traditional debit card and a Master debit card, which operates like a traditional Master card. Both are attractive features but there lies a flooded market with lots of competition.

This service allows electronic check processing. This feature has been offered by Tele-Check for many years. The advantage to this feature is the e-commerce site that offers additional features such as private labeling on Master card and instant money transfers.

Those are two attractive features. Now prepaid wireless is a service offered, which allows the retailer does not have to pay for a product until after the sale is made. This is a very attractive feature for retailers. The goal of feasibility is to is to assess the economic viability of the proposed business. The feasibility study needs to answer the question: With a custom program, you can set the international ATM fees to the point where it is less expensive than alternatives but you still make good money.

Great for check cashing and currency exchange type places. Prineta offers consulting services on a scope of work or hourly basis but there is no cost for referrals to endorsed program managers. Often times, the program manager can take care of everything for you so the only cost is the cost of the custom or private label program. GPR programs always cost more than branded payroll card and money network programs. Some of the payroll card programs for employers are only a couple hundred dollars to get your logo on the cards.

Profitability on prepaid card programs varies depending on the type of program and how it is used. For the initial investment, you get a program branded with your likeness and the opportunity to make income on fees and interchange basically, a percentage of aggregate spending on the card.

Interchange revenue on prepaid debit cards is 1. If you have your own custom prepaid program, you can a percentage of the interchange fees paid to the issuing bank in revenue sharing depending on volumes. The more your cardholders make purchases for goods and services, the more money you will make. The more cardholders you have, the more money you will make. The revenue and profits are largely based on your ability to bring distribution and reach to the unbanked and underbanked demographic.

As part of our scope of services, we can help you estimate the number of cardholders with conversation rate assumptions, average spending per cardholder, and all the inputs to develop the business case. If you do this right, this can be a good business that makes good money. Payroll cards are different; they are regulated and the fees that can be charged are regulated. We can help you compare to what competitors charge and provide guidance on buy rates so you know how to best set your fees.

We can help you get pricing below the big players in the prepaid industry so you can match fees and still make good money. You make a percentage of cardholder spending paid in interchange.

We can help you understand how much different program managers are paying these days. Programs available for independent sales organizations interested in reseller agent and payment facilitator programs. Basically, we help you evaluate different programs and find the best program for you and your needs. There is no cost for this service; Prineta is paid a small commission from the program managers similar to how the insurance industry works.

And you will get the same deal through our referrals than you would if you tried to contact the program managers directly. We just make the process easier for you. Complete the contact form and we'll follow up right away. During business hours, we can typically email or call back within an hour. In the message box, please tell us what you are looking for or need. Meet Carla from Prineta reception.

JavaScript is required for this content. May 11, G Jason Schnellbacher. Corporate Load Reloadable Prepaid Cards Corporate load programs are for businesses and cards can only be loaded by the corporation in other words, the cards cannot be independently loaded by the cardholder.

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PrePaid-USA is a licensed Prepaid Program Manager partnering with the Visa Payment Network to bring you the very best in custom PrePaid-USA Visa® Incentive Cards and American Express gift cards for all your corporate gift, incentive, and reward program freebtcoincoin.tkon: Green River Road, Suite , Corona, CA.

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Custom Reloadable Prepaid Debit Card Program You Can Rebrand Custom Branded Visa® and MasterCard® Prepaid Cards Looking for a custom, turnkey Visa®/MasterCard® prepaid debit card program branded with your logo? Create your own custom Netspend Prepaid Card. Personalize it with a pic of a family member, pet, or your own photo. Custom Cards. Show Off Your Sense of Style. Customize your Netspend Card with a unique image or a photo of you to express your personality, or add a photo of your face to help merchants know when it’s not you.