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You should be assembling your trial notebook from the day you file or receive the complaint. The effect of assembling from day one is that you always have the endgame in mind. This focuses you in a way that is different from the settlement mindset. Your case may very well settle for the benefit of. Practical instruction on the efficient and effective preparation of trial notebooks for complex personal injury and tort trial litigation. The article focuses on both the preparation of the notebook as a device to manage and control the preparation of the case through discovery and pretrial as well as the use of the trial notebook during the case presentation before a a jury. Every stage of the trial should be planned and organized several months earlier and the best way to do this is with a trial organizational system. There are two types -- a trial notebook or trial folder -- and they enable the trial lawyer to properly separate, outline and arrange all aspects of the case.

Make Sure Your Trial Notebook Includes These Things

You should begin preparing your trial notebook from the very beginning of your case. Your ultimate goal in preparing this trial notebook is to have every relevant part of your case organized and crafted into the story you plan to present a judge or jury at trial. If trial notebook outline choose the kind with a clear plastic sheet on the front or back, you can change the cover sheet as needed and reuse the binder for subsequent cases.

Paper for a trial notebook outline sheet. Place the case caption and any other useful information here and slip the cover sheet trial notebook outline the clear plastic sheet on your binder. Colored Tabs. Tabs will help you organize the different sections of your trial binder. Use these to highlight any pertinent information within the contents of your binder. The layout and content of your trial binder is ultimately up to you, trial notebook outline.

One of the first steps is to develop a theme for your side of the case. Your theme is the central story that you want a judge or jury to hear. You will develop that theme with evidence and witnesses as your case progresses through investigation and discovery. If your state has pattern jury charges, these can be an excellent resource in helping you know what issues need to be addressed and what ultimately must be proven at trial, trial notebook outline.

An associate or paralegal can help you gather the material you plan to use at trial. Generally, you will want to include the following:. If you utilize your trial notebook wisely, your case might even settle beforehand because your opponent can see that you are prepared to try the case. Court Deadlines contains reference information and calculators for common deadlines in the federal rules of civil procedure. Court Deadlines also includes links to certain state court rules.

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trial notebook outline


TRIAL NOTEBOOK Evidence Outline Order I Will Present it in, and What it will Show the Judge. Order W/E Name/Title Will Show 1 W Susan M. Jones Will show I always bring the children to school clean, healthy and fed, and Mary always brings them to school dirty, bruised and hungry. EXHIBIT Trial Preparation Checklist At Least Three Months Prior to Trial If a trial has not yet been set, check with the attorney and file any request or praecipe needed to have trial date set. Calendar the trial date, unless done previously, and check for any scheduling conflicts. May 03,  · One of the most important tasks when preparing a case for trial is to prepare a trial notebook with everything you'll need or want during trial. Don't create your trial notebook to impress a client, an adversary, or another lawyer in your office (although it may do so!); your notebook should reflect your personal style.