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The Tudors

Tudor Kings and Queens

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During the time that the Tudor kings and queens reigned, a lot was happening in England. People were discovering more about the world through exploration, the Church of England was founded, England got a good reputation for having a strong Navy, more people were able to go to school and learn lots of different things, and art and music became an important part of culture. The Tudors became royalty after winning the Battle of Bosworth Field in , which ended the War of the Roses between two other families — the Lancasters and the Yorks.

The civil war between the House of Lancaster and the House of York was called the War of the Roses because each side had a certain colour of rose to represent them — red for Lancaster and white for York. The Tudor rose is both red and white, symbolising that the two houses were joined together. Mary was a Catholic. Jane Grey did become queen, but only for nine days, and she was never officially coronated — Mary became queen instead, and had Jane executed.

The kings and queens in Tudor times were very involved in religious matters. Everybody had to go to church, and whether you were Catholic or Protestant was very important. It sometimes meant the difference between life and death! Some of the games played in Tudor times are games we still play today, such as bowls and tennis.

A lot of what we know about what people would have had in their homes during Tudor times is from inventories, which are lists of possessions that people had when they died. Music was very popular in Tudor times, and it was a large part of entertainment both in the royal court as well as for the peasants.

It also meant that somebody from any class — rich or poor — who was good enough at an instrument could have the chance to play for the king or queen! Musical instruments played include the viol, hautboy, harpsichord, spinet and virginals.

According to someone who lived during Tudor times, William Harrison, there were four different classes in society:. School could be expensive, so only people who could pay for it would send their children. Only boys went to school, though sometimes girls from rich families would have tutors. Jobs that people would have had in Tudor times include being a butcher, baker, weaver, fishmonger catching and selling fish , tailor, blacksmith, shoemaker and washerwoman.

There were different kinds of jobs in the royal court that involved serving the king or queen, such as being a page or a lady in waiting. If you did something wrong and broke the law in Tudor times, you could get a pretty harsh punishment.

The worst punishments were executions, such as beheading, being hung, being burned at the stake, or being boiled alive. Executions were public events that lots of people would come to watch. Find out more about him here. He was only nine when he became king, and he died at age 15 from a disease in his lungs. In fact, Jane had been locked in the Tower of London during the nine days she was Queen.

Mary I — Mary I was Queen from William Shakespeare — William Shakespeare was a famous playwright during Tudor times. Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be. Who were the Tudors? There were six Tudor monarchs kings and queens. Religion was very important in Tudor times. Everyone had to go to church, and it was best if you went to the same sorts of churches that the king or queen did. Music and dances were very popular, and people practiced their instruments so they could become good enough to play in the royal court.


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Information and facts about Tudor life in Britain for kids - including tudor kings and queens, timeline, tudor clothes and tudor daily life.

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Fascinating facts, interesting information, timeline, did-you-knows, pictures and videos about the Tudors to support primary school history.

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