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Short Essay on Importance of Punctuality

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❶Gandhiji was once punished during his school life because he did not reach the school on time and that one instance in life made him punctual throughout and we have learned enough lessons on punctuality from his daily life. All the seasons punctually emerge every year.

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It is said that art is long and time is fleeting. The need for punctuality everyday life: Workers, manager, officer and executive must attend their duties on time. A man who is punctual is his every day life enjoys certain advantage which other do not get. All great men are punctual and even in the smallest affairs of life they do not break the rules of punctuality.

Most of the successive people they achieved their success because of they have one quality which is Punctuality. He commands a moral right over others. Other people will feel glad that you value the importance of their time.

In spite of all their engagements, people try to be punctual every time and everywhere. But if we waver and show laxity in our daily programs, we may not be able to adhere to pre-determined time-frame.

Let us look at nature. The sun rises at a particular time every-day with slight variation. Rain falls in a regular pattern every year. All the seasons punctually emerge every year. The flowers bloom in spring and the earth wears green apparel during the spring season. In this way, the moon and the stars appear at a particular time. The seasons change according to a set time-table. Thus, everything in nature appears at a proper time.

Thus, nature teaches us to be punctual. If we follow the course of nature, we will keep fit, healthy and strong. No school, college or institution can function if punctuality is not observed there.

Punctuality should be a habit of person to do any task on time. It is also the most important character of leaders who are leading our country or other tasks.

It is an etiquette which motivates a person to do the works in a timely manner. It is a very necessary factor for everyone that should be considered in the life.

A student should be punctual all time in order to achieve what he wants in life as it is one of the noblest virtues that make students more civilized and cultured. All the students need to develop this quality as a habit to do things in the correct time.

Just think that what will happen if each and every citizen student, officer, teacher, leader, politician, doctor, engineer, trader, etc of the country would become punctual. I think it will definitely make all the systems of the nation on track and lead our country towards glory and success. Punctuality is an essential trait that helps the people to build a bright career. If we have a look at our history of any great man, we come to know the real facts behind their successful life.

Using the value of punctuality, students can be on right time everywhere such as in school, in the lab, in class, in the library, at home, in the examination hall, in the project, etc as it teaches them discipline. They can perform better at both place home and school. This habit helps the students to remove laziness and negative attitudes. A disciplined and punctual student will always respect, recognition and social acceptance in the school as well as society.

They appreciated a lot by the teachers and parents.

Long and Short Essay on Punctuality in English

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Short Essay on Importance of Punctuality. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On October 31, Most schools do not allow students to enter the school premises if they are late. Essay on Importance Of Truthfulness ;.

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Punctuality is the key to success for all the punctual students. Students should follow all the great world leaders to achieve fame and success. It provides students various golden opportunities to do better in life in many areas. Punctuality is the key to success in life. All great men are punctual and even in the smallest affairs of life they do not break the rules of punctuality Most of the successive people they achieved their success because of they have one quality which is Punctuality.

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