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Why are most educated people less racist and less religious than those with little education?


❶So why are girls being ignored?

Eurocentric school curricula continues to prevail in a society that is increasingly brown.

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Peggy McIntosh, an anti-racism activist , often cites a list of things she can take for granted as a white woman. Her list reflects the nature of the curriculum that students grow up being exposed to.

For black people, as I found , it is a totally different experience. Indeed, while European culture and thought are implicitly presented as universal and Europe as the only place from which great ideas and discoveries originated, Africa and African-descended people find themselves quasi-excluded from the curriculum.

Eventually, this becomes a pervasive and potent form of institutional racism. Furthermore, the attitudes and actions of white teachers who make up 85 percent of all public school teachers were questioned by many of the African-American parents with whom I spoke. They consistently portrayed white teachers as overly critical, unresponsive, unqualified, insensitive, offensive, mean, hypocritical, and using double standards.

Indeed, many white teachers seem to bring into the schools the many racist stereotypes and attitudes that have been ingrained in them, in particular the notions that blacks lack in intelligence, or are notoriously lazy and bent on criminality. Although they only make up 17 percent of the student population, they nonetheless represent 33 percent of those enrolled in programs for the mentally challenged.

What appears to be a false and incorrect labeling , has a dire impact on the ability of black students to attend college and achieve social mobility.

Likewise, black students account nationally for 34 percent of all suspensions. You know the statistics about prisons and all that. They have a plan for my children, and I am not going along with it. Given this state of affairs, it is hardly surprising that a growing number of black parents, frustrated with a school system that is quick to criminalize and disenfranchise their children, turn to homeschooling as an alternative.

Thus, for many black parents, homeschooling equates with a refusal to surrender their children to a system that they see as bent on destroying them. For them, it is an act of active and conscious resistance to racism. By taking the constant threat of harassment and discrimination out of the picture, homeschooling provides African-American parents the space and time to educate and socialize their children for optimal personal development.

I found the home education is planned and delivered primarily by mothers, who stay at home, or work from home. This mother-led home education process is commonly observed among homeschoolers. In general, two strategies are commonly observed among black home educators: While finding ready-to-use educational materials can be challenging, most parents reported creating their own materials, by drawing from different sources, such as books, documentaries, the internet, field-trips, etc.

Many go out of their way to provide exposure to black people who have achieved greatness in their domain, for instance, literature, science, or history, in an effort not only to educate their children about their history and culture, but also to instill racial pride and confidence in them. In other words, many black homeschooling parents engage in racial protectionism , so that they will have the self-confidence and knowledge necessary to face and overcome the hurdles that white racism appears to place in their path.

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. My son has been suspended five times. Every issue, belief, attitude or assumption is precisely the issue that stands between a relationship with another human being of different ethnic back grounds. Racism has always been a human bondage even before slavery. Slavery didn't create racism.

Racism was present well before and that allowed slavery to take place in America. Now, more educated people who are well traveled are much less likely to be racist. Racist tend to be lower income with no college education. You would think that these people would be able to relate and bond with the blacks they hate, but they've used black people as scapegoats blaming them for their misfortunes in life.

I'm 29, married with a beautiful daughter. My experience says they are smart enough not to be overt with it. Much like the difference between the North and the South. There is racism in the North but they more covert with it. I am not sure which is better.

Do I want someone in my face telling me they don't like me or behind my back telling me I am accepted in public but not in their homes. Educated people don't want to think that they are racist because they consider it to be an ignorant belief. Many don't believe they are racist but they practice racism daily.

Watch the movie "Crash" it puts it right out there from many perspectives. I think so, if for no other reason, than education opens our eyes and give us information that helps us to understand others, who they are, why they are the way they are, where they come from. Courses of study such as anthropology, sociology, social studies, psychology are great for opening up doors of understanding. Racism has been in place way before slavery reared its head.

Racism is a bad case of one group of people thinking they were better than another group of people, be it white, black, asian, indian, irish, catholic, baptist and it transcends race, religion, gender, etc. We are human beings with basic needs as well as rights. If we would but focus on that we would realize that we are all the same and no one is better than the other.

I don't think so, have you ever heard of emotional intelligence? In the area of emotion that distinction between intelligence and knowledge is murky. It seems that intelligence does not eliminate the possibibilty of ignorance in some people.

A person can be book smart but still have no common sense at all. So a person can be smart in science, politics, math, etc

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Are smart people less racist? New research. Stanford University graduates ( white people who were born earlier in the 20 th century have expressed racial attitudes that are akin to “old-fashioned racism,” Wodtke states. While white people with higher abilities generally give more liberal responses about.

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Education key to fighting racism. The United States Civil War was fought over one hundred years ago. The North took the victory and everyone became equal. "If non-college-educated whites became somewhat more progressive in their attitudes toward racism and sexism, so that they matched those of college-educated whites," the researchers conclude, "Clinton would have won the popular vote by four points instead of two points.