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Research Paper on Organic Food

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Standford University's organic food and consumer products research
Define Organic Food

Explore the various jobs created by the organic agricultural industry. The production and distribution of organic food requires more farm labor than conventional methods of farming. It also creates the need for small local markets and subsequently, employees to work in them.

Organic agriculture has also created the need for an industry to be responsible for the certification of organic food. Define these new jobs and markets and report on their effect on the economy. Debbie McCarson is a former English teacher and school business administrator. Who Are Organic Food Consumers? Organic Agriculture Organic Trade Association: Animal Health and Welfare.

Research Paper Topics for Organic Food. Recognizing the consequences of pesticide intake, consumers tend to choose the safer organic food which has lower pesticide. Besides the low pesticide residue contamination, another benefit of organic food is good taste and increased nutritious values. A 4-year, billion-pound EU study on the benefits of organic food suggests that some organic foods, such as fruits, vegetables and milk, are more nutritious than non-organic equivalents Paddock.

The researchers carried out many scientific experiments where the findings indicate a high concentration of antioxidants, minerals and other healthy chemicals in organic fruits, vegetables and dairy. For instance, organic strawberry, blueberry and apples contain up to 40 percent more antioxidants than conventional equivalents Ungoed-Thomas. Antioxidants minimize rates of natural chemical oxidation of body cells and thus support healthy organs.

Clinical studies have confirmed the effectiveness of antioxidants in heart-promotion, thus the intake of antioxidant is beneficial to health Sies The EU study also found a higher level of minerals such as Zinc and Iron in organic vegetables, which further proves the high nutritional value of organic food Ungoed-Thomas.

Therefore, with a higher concentration of antioxidants and minerals, organic fruits, vegetables and milk are more nutritious and healthier than non-organic ones. Organic fruits and vegetables are not only more nutritious, but they also have better tastes. A study by Washington State University in involved a panel of tasters who believed that organic apples taste sweeter Green. The tasters also claimed that the texture of the organic apples was smoother than those grown conventionally.

Many consumers have preferences of organic fruits not only because they are more nutritious, but also because of their better tastes. Some researchers attributed the differences of tastes to the better soil quality in organic farming techniques compared to that in traditional farming Green.

Due to the higher quality of soil which contains more organic matters and natural nutrients, organic fruits yield more fructose, which makes them taste sweeter.

In short, many consumers favor organic food over conventional ones because the taste and texture of organic food are generally better. Besides its low pesticide contaminants and higher nutrition, the merits of organic food include its sustainability and positive environmental impacts.

The benefits of organic farming to the wider environment have been studied, and the major advantages are biodiversity, high soil quality and low energy output. On average, organic farms provide more natural habitants for wildlife Shepherd et al.

The soil and water in organic farms generally contain low pesticide remnants, and the absence of hazardous chemicals from pesticides avoids killing non-harmful insects and flora. Biodiversity is important to an ecosystem because it encourages the diversity of species and genes and thus balances the predominance of the growing crop.

A system with the coexistence of diverse species tends to yield better quality of crops. Apart from the preservation of biodiversity, organic farming also improves the quality of soil. Soil Organic Matters SOM , such as organic and nitrogen compounds, are essential for soil to produce high-quality crops.

Organic systems generally have more SOM because they avoid non-organic fertilizers which can be detrimental to the natural organic structure of soil Shepherd et al.

Since organic farms are absent of fertilizers, all the substances recycled in the soil are organic. Thus, since the inputs in organic farms are always organic matters, the SOM returned to soil are higher than in non-organic farms. The article also reports, While the bill to raise the minimum wage, the Fair Minimum Wage Act, would provide a 33 percent wage increase for the regular worker, earnings would more than double for food service workers.

As a result of these increases in wages, retail grocery store food prices would only increase by an average of less than half a percent. Gimenez This causes one to consider whether or not they would be willing to pay that less than half a percent more in order to allow food workers the ability to provide better, healthier food for their families by purchasing organic food. The USDA provides an information sheet that describes the steps one must take for their farm, restaurant, or distribution center to become certified as an organic establishment see fig.

US Department of Agriculture. In addition to the initial application fee and organic evaluation, there is an annual inspection for recertification. If the person or place being certified fails, they could lose their title as an organic establishment Chait. On average, while watching television, one will view more advertisements for non-organic foods than for organic foods.

This causes an absence of knowledge in America about the other food options available, thus these people will purchase the name brands they have seen on TV, not a product from some unheard-of little farm that charges 20 cents more per pound. Though this does apply to many Americans, it does not apply to all. Peter Ragaert and some associates conducted a study concerning consumer preference to minimally processed foods.

One conclusion they came up with is that families having young children and more educated members of society are the largest percentage of organic foods consumers Ragaert, et al. This is also something commonly brought up in discussions about organic foods.

People are commonly looking for easy meals, especially on the weekends, the only time they can sit back and relax, so the idea of an easy prepared meal is appealing. People do not want to prepare a fully organic meal because it would take more time. The other very common argument against organic foods is the claim that they do not have any health benefits. Though most of the book was supportive of organics, there was a chapter that addressed the issue of mycotoxins, which is a form of fungi, or mold.

Healthy lifestyle choices and eating organic foods

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Is organic food healthier than non-organic food? A research paper can explore the reality of this claim. Include data that supports or challenges the assertion that organic food is better for the consumer’s health because it has a higher nutritional value and fewer toxic chemicals.

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The aim of this paper is to give customers some suggestions when they decide to purchase the organic food and to inform these customers some basic knowledge of organic food and the organic techniques.

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Organic foods have become increasingly sought-after for their health benefits and higher quality, though some people remain unconvinced. Some reasons people do not buy organic foods are that they feel it is too expensive or because they simply are not aware that organic foods exist. Organic Food Research Paper Topics The History of Organic Food Write a paper detailing the history of organic food and its increasing popularity among health-conscious consumers in the United.

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Organic food research paper to write in intermediate level essays help with academic writing investment thesis template. Computer application in teaching, ehow/ about utyxov, accessed july, the transition but of more than half of the right to appoint, discipline and disciplining with dignity. Organic food is the source of modern-day debates over the value of food grown with fewer chemicals and less additives. While the health benefits of organic food are high, major news networks have been accused of arguing there is a hype surrounding the benefits.4/5(7).